singapore - pulp paper

A4 copy paper – Brand: Miss Asia

100% flour basis no chlorine;

- The 90 & 95% white;

- DL: 70 & 80 gsm.


- Print quality good, no jamming, durable colors, ultra smooth and glossy surface printing capabilities with excellent sensitivity and large quantities of paper. Ensure the best print quality for your documents

- The glossy and very smooth surface that can not be printed 2 labels and ink lem.

- Especially suitable for high-demand printing, which requires high technology and quality.

- Super White Paper lets you print out the text and beautiful images with extreme clarity.

- Paper absolute accuracy standards ensure that no paper jams when printing.

- Paper is not dust, help protect the health of users and extend the life of the machine.

- Suitable for all types of laser and inkjet digital printing as well as fax machines and high-speed copiers and copiers normal.

- Use for copying or printing of digital color images with high resolution or monochrome.

- Used to print high quality publications such as presentations, letters, offering documents, books and magazines luxury, drawings, contracts, reports ...